Our Story...

The inception of JT and Madeleen's MoiMe Skincare products were as the result of JT having had a tumor removed from his cheek in 2011.  The surgery resulted in a z-shaped scar being left on his face. The plastic surgeon prescribed a cream that would heal the wound however it was conveyed that not much else could be done to eliminate the scar.  JT and Madeleen were sceptical as to whether natural products would be able to heal the skin. However, after a few years of research and many failed recipes, they got the ingredients together in the correct formulation to treat and heal skin. Two years after using the product,  JT's scar is almost invisible and his dermatologist even remarked that it looked as if he had gotten "a new skin!".  The results and feedback that we get back from our clients reinforce our belief in our product.  Our product changes lives, giving people back their confidence in themselves and their skin.

Our skin acts like a sponge, it absorbs nearly 130 chemicals on a daily basis.  No one really knows how certain chemicals affect us over time.

The majority of store-bought beauty products are made with artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives water and stabilizers that can easily be absorbed through the skin, possibly causing negative long-term effects.

Our skin is our largest organ, MoiMeSKINCARE© treats your skin with care and attention – just what your skin deserves.  We ensure you that any ingredient from MoiMeSKINCARE© coming into contact with your skin is toxin-free and perfectly natural.

The core ingredients in the MoiMeSKINCARE© range are the following:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil * Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil * Natural Unbleached Beeswax